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A beautiful wedding deserves a beautiful cake, not just a token accoutrement, but something unique and special that symbolises a lifelong union. Marina's cakes are works of art—delectable, edible art—as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. All of her creations express a dedication to perfection in taste and presentation.


See the end of this gallery for details about flavours, tastings and price guidelines.

Flavours & Tastings

Every year Marina creates an exciting and fresh new set of signature cake flavours. 


Tasting boxes are available on request. A list of Marina Machado's signature cake flavours are available here.

Gluten free options are also available on request.


Cakes are priced individually based on the specific requirements of the cake including size and design.

Prices start from $1100.
Melbourne & Sydney minimum order $4000

For international orders please contact for pricing.

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After we decided our favourite cake maker was Marina Machado, we struggled to work out what flavour we wanted the cake to be. All her cakes are just so amazing that we ended up opting for one huge wedding cake, and 600 petit fours, so everyone got to indulge in a variety of her exquisite delights.


Seriously, if you are after a wedding cake around Byron Bay, Marina is the only person to go to. 

Pia and Kane Muehlenbeck


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